Journal Article Fabrication of Pt nanoparticle incorporated polymer nanowires by high energy ion and electron beam irradiation

Satoshi, Tsukuda (Tohoku Univ.)  ,  Ryouta, Takahasi (Tohoku Univ.)  ,  Shu, Seki (Kyoto Univ.)  ,  Sugimoto, Masaki  ,  Idesaki, Akira  ,  Yoshikawa, Masahito  ,  Shun-Ichiro, Tanaka (Tohoku Univ.)

118pp.16 - 20 , 2015-05 , Elsevier Ltd.
Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)–Pt nanoparticles (NPs) hybrid nanowires were fabricated by high energy ion beam irradiation of PVP thin films including H2PtCl6. Single ion hitting caused crosslinking reactions of PVP and reduction of Pt ions within local cylindrical area along an ion trajectory (ion track); therefore, the PVP nanowires including Pt NPs were formed and isolated on Si substrate after wet-development procedure. The number of Pt NPs was easily controlled by the mixed ratio of PVP and H2PtCl6. However, increasing the amount of H2PtCl6 led to decreasing the radial size and separation of the hybrid nanowires during the wet-development. Additional electron beam irradiation after ion beam improved separation of the nanowires and controlled radial sizes due to an increase in the density of crosslinking points inner the nanowires.

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