Journal Article Application of 67Cu Produced by 68Zn(n,n’p+d)67Cu to Biodistribution Study in Tumor-Bearing Mice

須郷, 由美  ,  橋本, 和幸  ,  川端, 方子  ,  佐伯, 秀也  ,  佐藤, 俊一  ,  塚田, 和明  ,  永井, 泰樹

86 ( 2 )  , pp.023201-1 - 023201-3 , 2017-02 , Physical Society of Japan
67Cu produced by the 68Zn(n,n′p+d)67Cu reaction was used for the first time to determine the biodistribution of 67CuCl2 in colorectal tumor-bearing mice. A high uptake of 67Cu was observed in the tumor as well as in the liver and kidney, which are the major organs for copper metabolism. The result showing 67Cu accumulation in the tumor suggests that 67CuCl2 can be a potential radionuclide agent for cancer radiotherapy. It should also encourage further studies on the therapeutic effect on small animals using an increased dose of 67Cu produced by the 68Zn(n,n′p+d)67Cu reaction using presently available intense neutrons.

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