Journal Article O2分子衝突で誘起されるRu(0001)表面の吸着O原子の拡散

高橋真  ,  有賀哲也  ,  寺岡有殿

136 ( 7 )  , pp.462 - 463 , 2017-02 , 一般社団法人電気学会
Oxygen translational energy effects on initial oxidation processes and saturation coverage of O at a Ru(0001) surface were investigated using supersonic O2 molecular beams and synchrotron radiation photoemission spectroscopic techniques. The change of surface core level spectrum of Ru 3d5/2 by irradiation of O2 beams with high translational energy indicates occurrence of collision-induced oxygen migration at the oxidized Ru(0001) surface. We suggest that such collision-induced migration provides suitable sites for dissociative adsorption of O2, resulting in higher O coverage at the Ru(0001) surface.

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