Journal Article Initial oxidation behavior of Ni3Al (210) surface induced by supersonic oxygen molecular beam at room temperature

Xu, Y.  ,  Sakurai, J.  ,  Teraoka, Y.  ,  Yoshigoe, A.  ,  Demura, M.  ,  Hirano, T.

391pp.18 - 23 , 2017-02 , Elsevier
The initial oxidation of a clean Ni3Al (210) surface was studied at 300 K using a supersonic O2 molecular beam (O2 SSMB) having an O2 translational energy of 2.3 eV, and real-time photoemission spectroscopy performed with high-brilliance synchrotron radiation. The evolution behaviors of the O 1s, Ni 2p, Al 2p, and Ni 3p spectra were examined during irradiation with the O2 SSMB. The spectral analysis revealed that both the Al atoms and the Ni atoms on the surface were oxidized; however, the oxidation of Al progressed much faster than that of Ni. The oxidation of Al began to occur and AlOx was formed at an oxygen coverage of 0.26 monolayer (ML) and saturated at an oxygen coverage of 2.5 ML. In contrast, the oxidation of Ni commenced a little late at an oxygen coverage of 1.6 ML and slowly progressed to saturation at an oxygen coverage of 4.89 ML.

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