Journal Article Design of a prototype split-and-delay unit for XFEL pulses, and their evaluation by synchrotron radiation X-rays

Jun'ya, Sakamoto  ,  大和田, 謙二  ,  石野, 雅彦  ,  水木, 純一郎  ,  安藤, 正海  ,  並河, 一道

24pp.95 - 102 , 2017-01 , International Union of Crystallography
A prototype split-and-delay unit (SDU) for XFEL pulses was designed based on the Graeff-Bonse four-Bragg-reflection interferometer by installing 12.5 deg. slopes and evaluated by synchrotron radiation X-rays. The ease of the tunability of the exact delay time across 0 fs by the present SDU was demonstrated.

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