Journal Article Dissolved radiocaesium in seawater off the coast of Fukushima during 2013-2015

Fukuda, Miho  ,  Aono, Tatsuo  ,  Yamazaki, Shinnosuke  ,  Nishikawa, Jun  ,  Otosaka, Shigeyoshi  ,  Ishimaru, Takashi  ,  Kanda , Jota

311 ( 2 )  , pp.1479 - 1484 , 2017-01 , Springer Netherlands
To discuss the factors influencing radiocaesium distributions and its variation in the marine environment, dissolved radiocaesium was measured in seawater samples collected off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture during 2013-2015. The 137Cs activity concentrations in the surface-layer seawater at NPE2, NP0, NP2, NPE1, AN7, I01, E and A stations, which are located within about 10 km from the east coast of Japan, were higher than those at other stations. These high activity concentrations seem to be affected by several factors, including increased river input or contaminated water input from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station due to heavy rain events.

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