Journal Article Effects of radiation reaction in the interaction between cluster media and high intensity lasers in the radiation dominant regime

岩田, 夏弥  ,  長友, 英夫  ,  福田, 祐仁  ,  松井, 隆太郎  ,  岸本, 泰明

23 ( 6 )  , pp.063115-1 - 063115-17 , 2016-12 , AIP Publishing
Interaction between media composed of clusters and high intensity lasers in the radiation dominant regime, i.e., intensity of 10^22-23 W/cm^2, is studied based on the particle-in-cell simulation that includes the radiation reaction. By introducing target materials that have the same total mass but different internal structures, i.e., uniform plasma and cluster media with different cluster radii, we investigate the effect of the internal structure on the interaction dynamics, high energy radiation emission, and its reaction. Intense radiation emission is found in the cluster media where electrons exhibit non-ballistic motions suffering from strong accelerations by both the penetrated laser field and charge separation field of clusters. As a result, the clustered structure increases the energy con- version into high energy radiations significantly at the expense of the conversion into particles, while the total absorption rate into radiation and particles remains unchanged from the absorption rate into particles in the case without radiation reaction. The maximum ion energy achieved in the interaction with cluster media is found to be decreased through the radiation reaction to electrons into the same level with that achieved in the interaction with the uniform plasma. The clustered structure thus enhances high energy radiation emission rather than the ion acceleration in the con- sidered intensity regime.

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