Conference Paper Creation of Flower Color Mutants Using Ion Beams and a Comprehensive Analysis of Anthocyanin Composition and Genetic Background

長谷, 純宏

Mutagenesis is an effective approach to expand flower color variation in ornamental plants. Ion beams generated by accelerators are useful mutagens in plant mutation breeding, although the mutability often differs, probably depending on the genetic background of the parental plants. This paper summarizes the analyses of flower color mutants of cyclamen and carnation obtained by ion beams. Accumulated knowledge regarding the relationship among flower colors, pigments, and associated genes, will help our understanding of their genetic background and the choice of suitable starting materials. Our research demonstrated that mutants with altered anthocyanin compositions corresponded to mutation in genes in the biosynthetic pathway and that further understanding of biosynthetic genes associated with the expression of flower colors is important to create novel flower varieties.

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