Presentation DNA conformational transition inferred from re-evaluation of m|Fo|-D|Fc| electron density maps

角南, 智子  ,  河野, 秀俊

Flexibility of DNA plays important roles on biological processes. Recent analyses have indicated that traditional refinement does not always give us accurate crystallographic heterogeneity and some information of DNA flexibility is possibly overlooked in previous crystallographic studies. We re-calculated m|Fo|-D|Fc| electron density maps of double helical DNA crystal structures in PDB to utilize the overlooked information. We observed potential conformational transitions in 27% of DNA phosphates analyzed. The present results indicate that peaks around phosphates in the m|Fo|-D|Fc| maps of Z-DNA and B-DNA sometimes corresponds to ZI ZII and A/B -> BI transitions, respectively. We also discuss effect of metal-coordination on conformational transitions in Z-DNA.

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