Presentation Helium Effects on Void Swelling in RAFM steel for Fusion Application: Reaction Rate Theory Analysis

渡辺, 淑之  ,  森下和功  ,  安堂正己  ,  谷川博康

Formation kinetics of radiation-induced defect clusters in RAFM steel has been numerically investigated with kinetic reaction rate theory, focused on helium effects on nucleation and growth processes cavities (voids and helium bubbles) and interstitial dislocation loops (I-loops) under a wide range of irradiation parameters (dpa rate, helium production rate and temperature). In the model, the emission rate of point defects from a defect cluster was employed as a function of cluster size and composition ratio. The numerical analysis shows that the helium effects on cavity formation and I-loop formation are quite different from each other. As to I-loops, the loop formation seems to be independent of the existence of helium. On the other hand, the cavity formation is strongly dependent on the existence of helium and even when the number of helium in a cavity is relatively low, it is quite effective in the promotion of cavity nucleation.
国際会議:NuMat2016(The Nuclear Materials Conference)参加

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