Journal Article Valence State in CeIrIn5 at High Magnetic Fields of up to 42 T

H. Matsuda, Yasuhiro  ,  T. Terashima, Taku  ,  Kindo, Koichi  ,  Tsunoda, Ryoma  ,  Settai, Riki  ,  Kawamura, Naomi  ,  Mizumaki, Masaichiro  ,  Inami, Toshiya

85 ( 11 )  , p.115001 , 2016-10 , The Physical Society of Japan
High-magnetic-field X-ray absorption spectroscopy of the heavy-fermion compound CeIrIn5 has been conducted to clarify the valence state of Ce at the metamagnetic transition. The field-induced change in the X-ray absorption spectrum near the Ce-L3 edge is found to be smaller than the resolution limit of the measurement, suggesting that no field-induced valence change larger than 0.005 takes place at 2 K up to 42 T.

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