Presentation Morphology and interplay between morphology and properties of imidazolium-based anion exchange membranes

Zhao, Yue  ,  ザオ, ユエ  ,  Yoshimura, Kimio  ,  Maekawa, Yasunari

We elucidated the morphology and interplay between morphology and properties of a new graft-type AEM by using contrast variation small angle neutron scattering (SANS) technique. We concluded that the water swollen AEMs are composed of three phases: phase 1) crystalline ETFE domains, which offer good mechanical properties; phase 2) hydrophobic amorphous domains, which are made up of amorphous ETFE chains and offer a matrix to create conducting regions; phase 3) interconnected hydrated domains, which are made of the entire graft chains and water and play a key role to promote the conductivity.
ECS Prime 2016

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