Presentation Optimization of Beam Transportation in Commissioning of the Compact ERL Injector at KEK

Miyajima, Tsukasa  ,  Nagai, Ryoji

In the commissioning of the compact ERL (cERL) injector at KEK, to demonstrate acceleration and transportation of low emittance and high charge electron beam without degrading the beam quality is an important topic. To achieve the optimum condition in a real accelerator, development of beam tuning methods is indispensable because of existence of errors for accelerator components. In the commissioning of the cERL injector, we have developed beam tuning methods for each accelerator component, e.g. photo-cathode DC gun, solenoid magnet, corrector magnet, bunching cavity and superconducting cavity. In these methods, we measured the responses of beam parameters, e.g. beam position, beam size and beam energy, and corrected the model based on the measured response. In addition, to approach the target optimum condition for the whole injector, not only individual correction for each component but also total optimization throughout the injector based on experimental method is required. In higher charge operation with 7.7 pC, we carried out the test of the total optimization. We will report these beam tuning methods and preliminary results of the total optimization.This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 15K04740.
The 28th Linear Accelerator Conference

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