Journal Article First-principles-based simulation of interlayer water and alkali metal ions in weathered biotite

池田, 隆司

145 ( 12 )  , p.124703 , 2016-09 , AIP Publishing
We performed first-principles-based simulations of weathered biotites (WBs) including alkali metal ions to investigate the adsorption states of interlayer cations and the cation/water distribution in their interlayer. Our simulations suggest that the inclusion of Fe3+ ions in octahedral sheets of WBs alters significantly the vibrational states, the adsorption states of alkali ions, and the cation/water distribution in our WBs. The Al–O bond cleavage suggested to occur in Fe3+-rich regions of WBs upon the H2O adsorption on Al3+ in tetrahedral sheets enhances greatly the dipole moment of adsorbed H2O molecules, thus enhancing the preference for aggregating inner-sphere complexes of heavy alkali ions particularly Cs+.

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