Presentation Design of new compact ECR ion source for C5+ production

Muramatsu, Masayuki  ,  Fukushima, K.  ,  Takahashi, K.  ,  Suzuki, T.  ,  Takahashi, N.  ,  Murata, H.  ,  Sasano, T.  ,  Noda, Etsuo  ,  Iwata, Yoshiyuki  ,  Sekiguchi, M.  ,  Kitagawa, Atsushi

The Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator in Chiba (HIMAC) was constructed as the first medical dedicated heavy ion accelerator facility at National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS). Over 9000 cancer patients have been treated with 140-430 MeV/u carbon beams since 1994. Compact ECR ion source with all permanent magnets, named Kei2, was developed for production of C4+ ions for medical treatment at NIRS. A compact ECR ion source for Gunma University (Gunma University Heavy Ion Medical Center: GHMC), Saga carbon-ion radiotherapy (Saga Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator in Tosu: SAGA HIMAT) and Kanagawa carbon-ion radiotherapy (Ion-beam Radiation Oncology Center in Kanagawa: i-ROCK) facility has been operated for medical use. It is a copy of the Kei2 which was developed by NIRS.In order to reduce operation cost of the injector for next designed carbon ion facility, we start design of new compact ECR ion source for C5+ production. Some dependence (mirror field, microwave power and frequency) were checked for optimal parameter of C5+ production at 18 GHz NIRS-HEC source. Results of experiments and specification of new compact source are described in this presentation.
The 22nd International Workshop on ECR Ion Sources (ECRIS2016)

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