Presentation Development of the production methods for emerging radionuclides applicable to the theranostical basic research

Nagatsu, Kotaro  ,  Fujibayashi, Yasuhisa  ,  Ming-Rong, Zhang  ,  Ohya, Tomoyuki

Abstract. In order to proceed the ‘theranostic’ research as well as to enrich the radionuclides’ library of cyclotron products, we propose automated production concepts for emerging three therapeutic radionuclides (Sc-47, Cu-67, and Re-186) including their procedures of purification and quality control (QC).We will perform feasibility studies to develop automated-remote production methods for these three radionuclides by (1) a 44CaO powder + 34 MeV alpha particles for Sc-47, (2) a 68ZnO powder + 60 MeV protons or an electroplated 64Ni + 40 MeV alpha particles for Cu-67, and (3) a 186W powder + 20 MeV deuterons for Re-186, respectively. All activated targets are then chemically separated by originally developed remote devices to obtain high quality radioactive ions ready to use.We also intend to provide adequate QC procedures for respective radionuclide applicable to daily preclinical studies.
the 1st Research Coordination Meeting on Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals Labelled with New Emerging Radionuclides

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