Presentation Status Report of Active Space Radiation Detector, A-DREAMS-2 at NIRS

Kitamura, Hisashi  ,  Kodaira, Satoshi  ,  Uchihori, Yukio

For real time radiation monitoring in space environment, active radiation dosimeters, A-DREAMS have been developed in QST-NIRS. They have silicon semi-conductor detectors and electric circuits to obtain LET distribution of space radiation from protons to iron ions in space radiation. A-DREAMS-2 (AD2), the current version of the A-DREAMS series, was constructed based on the former version, A-DREAM-1. It has two silicon semi-conductor detectors and a coincidence circuit between them to observe space radiation with limited solid angle and limited pass length. We have carried out beam experiments for AD2 with high energy protons and heavy ions accelerated by the NIRS-Cyclotron and the HIMAC in QST-NIRS. From the results of them, the performance of AD2 has been evaluated to be used for the MATROSHKA-III experiment as the future plan.
’The 21st Workshop on Radiation Monitoring for the International Space Station’における研究成果口頭発表

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