Journal Article Analysis of simultaneous time series of indoor, outdoor and soil air radon concentrations, meteorological and seismic data

ミロソラフ, ヤニック  ,  Bossew, Peter

61 ( 3 )  , pp.295 - 302 , 2016-09 , Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology
It is well known that the temporal dynamic of indoor and outdoor radon concentrations show complex patterns, which are partly not easy to interpret. Clearly, for physical reasons, they must be related to possibly variable conditions of radon generation, migration and atmospheric dispersion and accumulation. The aim of this study was to analyse long-time series of simultaneously measured indoor and outdoor radon concentrations, together with environmental quantities, which may act as control variables of Rn. The study was performed in Chiba, Japan, using two ionization chambers for parallel indoor and outdoor radon concentrations measurements over 4 years. Meteorological and seismic data were obtained from the Japan Metrological Agency (JMA).

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