Journal Article Magnetoresistance effect in Fe20Ni80/graphene/Fe20Ni80 vertical spin valves

圓谷, 志郎  ,  関, 剛斎  ,  桜庭, 祐弥  ,  山本, 竜也  ,  高橋, 三郎  ,  楢本, 洋  ,  高梨, 弘毅  ,  境, 誠司

109 ( 8 )  , pp.082406-1 - 082406-5 , 2016-08 , American Institute of Physics
Graphene is one of important research subjects in the field of spintronics. In this work, we demonstrated the direct CVD growth of graphene on ferromagnetic electrodes of Fe20Ni80. The present technique guarantees the well-defined interface between graphene and the bottom electrode even after the device fabrication process. This well-defined interface enables us to perform a systematic investigation of the device characteristics, in which the spin asymmetry coefficient at the graphene / Permalloy interface was successfully evaluated. We also clarified in the vertical spin valve devices the strong interface interaction modifying the electronic structure and metallic properties for bi-layer graphene as well as single-layer graphene. Our results revealed that the spin transport properties of our CVD-grown graphene which is indispensable for practical applications is comparable to that of the exfoliated graphite. The present study will provide a clue to comprehensive understanding and to practical application of graphene-based spin devices.

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