Journal Article Evaluation of Suitability of River Water for Multipurposes by Assessing Various Indices

Sultana, Mahfuza  ,  Rana, S.  ,  Imam, T.  ,  Aktaruzzaman, M.  ,  Yoshida, Satoshi

13 ( 3 )  , pp.45 - 54 , 2016-07 , IOS Press
The present research has evaluated the suitability of river water near industrial area of Dhaka for multi uses by calculating various indices. A considerable variation in the content of physicochemical and toxic elements in the studied river water suggests input of pollution from different sources. Further, excess concentration of Fe, Al and K compared to WHO standard was observed in Turag, Pb, Fe, Al, Cr and K in Buriganga, Cd, Fe, K, Al and Cr in Shitalakhya, Fe, Al and K in Bongshi and As in Dhaleswari river water. Moreover, all the river water is found to be safe for irrigation with respect to pH, TDS, SAR and MR. However, the metal pollution indices PF, PD, PLI and irrigation indices Na% and KI indicates that Buriganga river water is no longer suitable for the use of any purposes. But water of Turag, Shitalakhya and Bangshi River still can be used by controlling the source of pollution through proper treatment of waste or by preventing any further discharge of waste into the river. On the other hand Dhaleswari river water can be used for all purposes. Moreover, from the toxicity distribution pattern, it is seen that Buriganga > Shitalakhya > Bangshi > Turag > Dhaleswari. Therefore, proper management plan is necessary to protect this invaluable resource for multi use.

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