Presentation In-situ measurement of average and local structures of hydrogen absorbing alloys using synchrotron radiation x-rays

Machida, Akihiko  ,  Maejima, Naoyuki  ,  Watanuki, Tetsu  ,  Katayama, Yoshinori  ,  Sakaki, Kouji  ,  Kim, Hyunjeong  ,  Nakamura, Yumiko

Hydrogen absorbing alloys are widely investigated to develop high-performance hydrogen absorbing alloys because they are considered as potential hydrogen storage materials for several applications including fuel cell vehicles as well as stationary energy storage system. The hydrogen absorbing states of materials usually arise under the pressurized hydrogen gas environment. Hence, in-situ measurement is necessary to investigate the hydrogen absorbing states as well as hydrogen absorption/desorption processes. We have investigated structural changes of hydrogen absorbing alloys on hydrogen absorption/desorption processes using an in-situ x-ray diffraction measurement setup installed at BL22XU in SPring-8. By using a large area detector and high energy x-ray about 70 keV, we are capable of performing x-ray total scattering experiments to obtain the atomic pair distribution function, and can investigate the change in both average and local structures to discuss the degradation mechanism of the reversible hydrogen storage capacity.
9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing (PRICM9)

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