Presentation Strain Relaxation Analysis Using In-situ X-ray Reciprocal Space Mapping Measurements in RF-MBE Growth of GaInN

T., Yamaguchi (工学院大)  ,  佐々木, 拓生  ,  高橋, 正光  ,  T., Honda(工学院大)  ,  T., Onuma(工学院大)  ,  Y., Nanishi(立命館大)

In-situ X-ray RSM measurements in the RF-MBE growth of GaInN films on GaN and InN templates were carried out in order to understand the strain relaxation mechanism of GaInN. The in-situ RSM measurements were performed using the MBE directly coupled to an X-ray diffractometer at the beamline of synchrotron radiation facility Spring-8. From the results of in-situ X-ray RSM measurements, the strain relaxation involving the relaxation in lattice constant and that in compositional pulling effect was clearly observed.
The 18th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy (ICCGE-18)

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