Journal Article Image-guided Electro-assisted Drug Delivery

Nikolova, Billiana  ,  Atanasova, Severina  ,  Mudrov, Tsvetan  ,  Tsoneva, Iana  ,  Zhivko, Zhelev  ,  バカロバ, ルミアナ  ,  青木, 伊知男

19 ( 2 )  , pp.259 - 266 , 2015-06 , .
Abstract: Electroporation-based cancer treatment techniques are currently after activeinvestigations in the field of drug delivery, optimization of electrical parameters andelucidation of the exact mechanisms at a molecular level. The present study is designed toinvestigate the exact in vivo redistribution and persistence of nanoparticles in the tumor tissue of colon-cancer grafted mice after electroporation with two different kinds of electrodes.The aim of the study is to avoid artifacts during electroporation due to accumulation ofnanoparticles in the surrounding non-cancer tissues. The isolated electrodes are appropriate for the treatment of 3-dimensional tumors and have a large potential in this field.Keywords: Electroassisted drug delivery, in vivo imaging, Cancer, Nanoparticles, Quantum dots.

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