Presentation Supernova Neutrino Process And Sensitivity To Neutrino Temperatures

Hayakawa, Takehito  ,  Nakamura, Ko  ,  Kusakabe, Motohiko  ,  Kajino, Toshitaka  ,  Chiba, Satoshi  ,  Iwamoto, Nobuyuki  ,  Myung-Ki, Cheoun  ,  J Mathews, Grant

We have proposed the neutrino-process origin for 92Nb and reproduced the 92Nb abundance by SN models with assumed neutrino temperatures. Since the neutrino-nucleus interactions are one of key physics, we have calculated them by using QRPA models. We also suggest the possibility that 98Tc (T1/2=4.2 Myr) can be produced by the neutrino process. When the 98Tc abundance at SSF will be measured, we can constrain strongly neutrino temperatures.
The 26th International Nuclear Physics Conference

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