Presentation Staging laser wakefield acceleration driven by two laser pulses in single gasjet target

Nakanii, Nobuhiko  ,  細貝, 知直  ,  益田, 伸一  ,  大塚, 崇光  ,  荻野, 純平  ,  Alexei, Zhidkov  ,  Naveen, Pathak  ,  岩佐, 健太  ,  竹口, 直輝  ,  中原, 弘貴  ,  水田, 好雄  ,  田口, 雄貴  ,  大迫, 浩輝  ,  金, 展  ,  末田, 敬一  ,  中村, 浩隆  ,  Kando, Masaki  ,  兒玉, 了祐

We are developing high-quality (stable, ultrashort, high-energy, high-charge and narrow-band) electron source based on staging laser wakefield acceleration(LWFA) towards compact x-ray free electron laser (XFEL) in ImPACT project. We reported the experiment results of the two-pulse-driven staging LWFA with using single stepped-density gasjet target. We have succeeded to generate quasi-monoenergetic electron beams from a few MeV to hundreds MeV and observe increase or decrease of the energy gain depending on the timing between two pulses corresponding to the plasma oscillation period.
International Conference On high Energy Density Sciences 2016に参加し、情報収集とポスター発表。

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