Journal Article After-pulsing, cross-talk, dark-count, and gain of MPPC under 7-T static magnetic field.

Hirano, Yoshiyuki  ,  Nishikido, Fumihiko  ,  Kokuryo, Daisuke  ,  Yamaya, Taiga

9 ( 2 )  , pp.245 - 253 , 2016-07
Multi-pixel photon counters (MPPCs) have been used instead of photomultiplier tubes for positron emission tomography combined with magnetic resonance (PET-MR). However, the effects of the magnetic field (MF) on the intrinsic properties-gain, cross-talk, after-pulsing, and dark-count-have not been sufficiently investigated. Therefore, we measured these properties for two types of MPPCs-S10931-50P and S12572-50P-in a static 7-T MF. These properties were measured with a pulse-shape analysis using pulse data acquired by a digital oscilloscope in the presence of the MF (w/MF) and the absence of the MF (w/o MF) by changing the supplied over-voltages (from 0.95 to 2.1 V for S10931 and from 2.1 to 3.3 V for S12572). No significant differences between the w/MF and w/o MF cases were observed for either MPPC, suggesting that the gain, cross-talk, after-pulsing, and dark-count are insensitive to a 7-T MF. The present work shows that constant MPPC performance is expected under a strong MF and demonstrates positive results for PET-MR.

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