Presentation Retrieval of Vacuum-Ultraviolet Waveform and Plasma Mirror Reflectivity Using Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating

ITAKURA, Ryuji  ,  KUMADA, Takayuki  ,  NAKANO, Motoyoshi  ,  AKAGI, Hiroshi

We demonstrate the method to measure (i) the waveform of a vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) pulse and (ii) the time-dependent reflectivity of a plasma mirror based on the concept of frequency-resolved optical gating. Time-resolved VUV reflection spectroscopy of fused silica excited by an intense femtosecond laser pulse is performed. The measured spectrogram is analyzed using the least-square generalized projections algorithm. The present method enables us not only to retrieve a significantly chirped VUV pulse with the duration longer than 1 ps, but also to investigate the electronic excitation dynamics in laser-plasma formation.
The 5th Advanced Lasers and Photon Sources (ALPS’16)

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