Presentation Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating for Simultaneous Extraction of Time-Dependent Plasma Reflectivity and Vacuum Ultraviolet Waveform

Itakrua, Ryuji  ,  Akagi, Hiroshi  ,  Wada, Yoriko

We have proposed and demonstrated that time-resolved VUV reflection spectroscopy is useful to extract both the VUV (160 nm) waveform and the time-dependent reflectivity of plasma mirror in the VUV region. The retrieved VUV temporal waveform indicates the pulse duration of 13 fs FWHM, which is nearly transform-limited. The rising of the time-dependent reflectivity of the plasma mirror is comparable to the pump pulse duration (80 fs FWHM). It is demonstrated that the enhancement of the reflectivity with respect to the Fresnel reflection of the unexcited surface is quantitatively measured through the FROG analysis.

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