Conference Paper 3系統の近交系マウスを用いた凍結融解精子体外受精時における還元型グルタチオン濃度最適化と遺伝子組換えマウスへの応用

鬼頭, 靖司  ,  和田, 彩子  ,  伊林, 恵美  ,  林, 真美  ,  亀田, かがり  ,  塚本, 智史

Frozen-thawed sperm of some inbred mice often encounter low and varying level of fertilization, such includes C57BL/6 strain which is most widely used in biomedical research. Recently, addition of reduced glutathione (GSH) to fertilization medium has been reported to improve in vitro fertilization of frozen-thawed sperm. This study was conducted to optimize GSH concentrations for 3 inbred strains of mice, namely C57BL/6J, C3H/He and BALB/cA, all of which have been often used for radiation biology. Results showed that response to GSH were different among strains, the most sensitive strain was C57BL/6J and the least sensitive strain was C3H/He, and that optimal GSH concentration for C57BL/6J, C3H/He and BALB/cA are 1.5-2.0 mM, 0-0.5 mM and 0.5-1.0 mM, respectively. These results were then applied for frozen-thawed sperm from 8 genetically modified mice for the purpose of microbiological cleaning, import from other institutes or colony expansion, and in all strains mice were successfully produced and were supplied for various researches in NIRS.

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