Journal Article Effective fluorination of single-layer graphene by high-energy ion irradiation through a LiF overlayer

圓谷, 志郎  ,  水口, 将輝  ,  渡辺, 英雄  ,  Yu. Antipina, Liubov  ,  パベル, ソロキン  ,  アヴラモフ, パベル  ,  楢本, 洋  ,  境, 誠司

Graphene proved interesting for nanoelectronics and spintronics, due to the novel properties like quantum nature of electron transport, band-gap tunability and extremely high mobility of charge carriers. It is known that an introduction of lattice imperfection such as vacancies and impurities causes the significant changes in the electronic structure and electron transport property of graphene. Ion irradiation is one of the effective techniques to induce these local atomic structures in graphene. In the present work, we studied the high-energy ion irradiation effect on the graphene-based heterostructure. We demonstrated graphene fluorination by the ion irradiation to the LiF/graphene heterostructure, which will provide a clue to develop a new non-chemical heteroatom doping into graphene.

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