Presentation Fabrication of Superconducting Spoke Cavity for Laser Compton Scattered Photon Sources

羽島, 良一

We have launched a 5-year research program to develop superconducting spoke cavity for laser Compton scattered (LCS) photon sources. For realizing a wide use of LCS X-ray and γ-ray sources in academic and industrial applications, we adopt the super-conducting spoke cavity to electron beam drivers. The spoke cavity has advantages such as relative compactness in comparison with an elliptical cavity of the same frequency, robustness with respect to manufacturing inaccuracy due to its strong cell-to-cell coupling, the better packing in a linac to install couplers on outer conductor. On the other hand the spoke cavity has disadvantage of more complicated structure than an elliptical cavity. Though our proposal design for the photon source consists of the 325 MHz spoke cavities in 4K operation, we have begun to fabricate the half scale model of 650 MHz spoke cavity in order to accumulate our cavity production experience by effective utilization of our limited resources. In this paper, we present our fabrication status.
the 7th International Particle Accelerator Conference

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