Presentation Nonlocal plasma response to edge perturbation in tokamak

Yagi, Masatoshi  ,  Miyato, Naoaki  ,  Matsuyama, Akinobu  ,  Takizuka, Tomonori

Nonlocal response of electron temperature fluctuation is investigated using 5-field Reduced MHD model. Source and sink terms are introduced into density and electron temperature evolution equations, respectively. It is found that (i) the mean central electron temperature increases according to the edge cooling, (ii) the magnetic island located at q=2 rational surface plays an important role as well as non-resonant modes such as 0/0 and 1/0, (iii) re-distribution of electron temperature occurs after switching off source and sink where meso-scale mode plays a major role.
11th Japan-Korea Workshop on ‘‘Modeling and Simulation of Magnetic Fusion Plasmas’

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