Journal Article Proposal for selective isotope transmutation of long-lived fission products using quasi-monochromatic gamma-ray beam

Hayakawa, Takehito  ,  Miyamoto, Shuji  ,  Hajima, Ryoichi  ,  Shizuma, Toshiyuki  ,  Amano, Sho  ,  Hashimoto, Satoshi  ,  Misawa, Tsuyoshi

53 ( 12 )  , pp.2064 - 2071 , 2016-06 , Taylor & Francis
We have proposed a new selective isotope transmutation method using photonuclear reactions with quasi-monochromatic gamma-ray beams. This method is based on the fact that the particle threshold of a long-lived fission product (LLFP) such as 93Zr, 107Pd, or 79Se is lower than those of stable isotopes of the same chemical element. Therefore, this method has the excellent advantage that LLFPs cannot, in principle, be produced newly even if the target materials include stable isotopes in addition to LLFPs. Furthermore, this method is effective for 126Sn, 135;137Cs, 90Sr, and 3H. The nuclear data involved and suitable gamma-ray sources are discussed. Laser Compton scattering gamma-ray sources and neutron capture gamma-rays in nuclear reactors are candidates for this method.

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