Presentation Neutron capture reaction on Cd-112 to study of the s-process origin of Sn-115

Hayakawa, T.  ,  Toh, Y.  ,  Shizuma, T.  ,  Kimura, A.  ,  Nakamura, S.  ,  Harada, H.  ,  Iwamoto, N.  ,  Kajino, T.

The astrophysical origin of 115Sn has remained still an open question. An isomer with a half-life of 14.1 y at 264 keV in 113Cd is a branching point from which a nucleosynthesis flow reaches to a rare isotope 115Sn. We have measured gamma-rays from neutron capture reactions on an enriched 112Cd target with neutrons provided from an intense neutron beam at ANNRI in J-PARC. We will discuss the contribution of the s-process flow from the 112Cd isomer to the solar abundance of 115Sn
14th International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos XIV

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