Journal Article Fokker-Planck simulation of runaway electron generation in disruptions with the hot-tail effect

奴賀, 秀男  ,  矢木, 雅敏  ,  福山, 淳

23 ( 6 )  , pp.062506-1 - 062506-8 , 2016-06 , AIP
To study runaway electron generation in disruptions, we have extended the three-dimensional (3D) (2D in momentum space; 1D in the radial direction) Fokker-Planck code, which describes the evolution of the relativistic momentum distribution function of electrons and the induced toroidal electric field in a self-consistent manner. A particular focus is placed on the hot-tail effect in 2D momentum space. The effect appears if the drop of the background plasma temperature is sufficiently rapid compared with the electron-electron slowing down time for a few times of the pre-quench thermal velocity. It contributes to not only the enhancement of the primary runaway electron generation but also the broadening of the runaway electron distribution in the pitch angle direction.

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