Conference Paper Transverse Intensity Distribution Measurement of Ion Beams Using Gafchromic Films

百合, 庸介  ,  石坂, 知久  ,  湯山, 貴裕  ,  上松, 敬  ,  清藤, 一  ,  奥村, 進  ,  Narumi, Kazumasa

pp.130 - 132 , 2016-06
A possible method of measuring the transverse spatial distribution of energetic ion beams is developed at TIARA. A Gafchromic film is employed for the development since it enables us to easily measure a large-area irradiation field distribution with a high spatial resolution. EBT3 and HD-V2 films are irradiated with ion beams of various species and kinetic energies extracted from a cyclotron and electrostatic accelerators at TIARA. Then, the coloration response of the irradiated films is analyzed in terms of the optical density using an image scanner. It is demonstrated that EBT3 and HD-V2 films are useful for the high-resolution profile measurement at low fluence and at low energy, respectively.

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