Conference Paper DC Photoemission Gun Upgrade at the Compact ERL

Nishimori, Nobuyuki  ,  Hajima, Ryoichi  ,  Nagai, Riyoji  ,  Honda, Yosuke  ,  Miyajima, Tsukasa  ,  Uchiyama, Takashi  ,  Yamamoto, Masahiro  ,  Mori, Michiaki

The DC photoemission gun at the compact ERL (cERL) has stably provided beam for ERL commissioning and laser Compton scattering experiments since April 2013. The operational voltage has however been limited to 390 kV due to failures of two segments out of the ten segmented insulator. In order to recover 500 kV operation, we installed an additional two segmented insulator on the existing ten segmented insulator during summer shutdown in 2015. The details of the gun upgrade and the operational experience of the upgraded cERL gun will be presented.

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