Article Particle Radiotherapy Chapter 4: Development of C-Ion Radiotherapy Technologies in Japan

Noda, Koji

The carbon-ion radiotherapy with HIMAC has been conducted since 1994, and the accumulated number of patients treated is around 10,000. During the first decade of the HIMAC study, NIRS had developed the respiratory-gating and layer-stacking irradiation methods, which have contributed to increase significantly the irradiation accuracy. On the basis of the HIMAC study, a compact carbon-ion RT facility was developed in order to boost the carbon-ion RT in Japan, and a pilot facility has been successfully conducted at the Gunma University, since 2010. Toward the further development of the HIMAC treatment, since 2006, NIRS has developed new treatment technologies such as a phase-controlled rescanning with a pencil beam and a compact-rotating gantry, which will boost the carbon-ion radiotherapy in the world.

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