Presentation Commissioning of the scanning irradiation system at KCC

早乙女, 直也  ,  古川, 卓司  ,  原, 洋介  ,  皿谷, 有一  ,  水島, 康太

The treatment with a scanned carbon-ion beam was started at December 2015 at Kanagawa Cancer Center. We combined a compact dissemination treatment system of carbon-ion therapy and the pencil beam 3D scanning technique designed by the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS). The treatment experience with the carbon-ion scanning technique was the second in the country following NIRS. The basic design of the irradiation system was followed NIRS system. The basic parameters of the scanning system are described as follows. To obtain the range of more than 300 mm, the maximum energy is chosen as 430 MeV/u. The maximum field size is 220x220 mm2 for the transverse directions. The treatment for the moving target such as lung and liver is available with respiratory-gated and rescanning technique. The commissioning of the irradiation system was performed from summer of 2015 through collaboration with NIRS. The following measurement and verification related to beam delivery properties were carried out for 11 energies (140-430MeV/n): verification of the dose monitor linearity, measurement of integral depth dose and range, measurement of spot size and verification of the position accuracy, performed dose monitor calibration, and verification of the dose calculation accuracy. We will present the result of the commissioning in more detail.
The 55th Annual Conference of the Particle Therapy Co-operative Group (PTCOG55)参加・発表

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