Journal Article Three-year retention of radioactive caesium in the body of tepco workers involved in the fukushima daiichi nuclear power station accident

仲野, 高志  ,  谷, 幸太郎  ,  金, ウンジュ  ,  栗原, 治  ,  酒井, 一夫  ,  明石, 真言

170 ( 1/4 )  , pp.315 - 317 , 2016-03 , Oxford University Press
Direct measurements of seven highly exposed workers at the Tokyo Electric Power Company Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident have been performed continuously since June 2011. Caesium clearance in the monitored workers is in agreement with the biokinetic models proposed by the International Commission on Radiological Protection. After 500 d from the initial measurement, however, the caesium clearance slowed. It was thought to be unlikely that additional Cs intake had occurred after the initial intake, as activity in foods was kept low. And, the contribution from the detector over the chest was enhanced with time. This indicates that insoluble Cs particles were inhaled and a long metabolic rate showed.

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