Presentation 永年性植物に対する重イオンビーム照射が与える影響についての研究

佐々木, 伸大  ,  千葉, 恵美子  ,  星, 伸枝  ,  浅川, 知則  ,  黒川, 良美  ,  山田, 恵理  ,  樋口, 敦美  ,  岡村, 正愛  ,  古澤, 佳也  ,  下川, 卓志  ,  西原, 昌宏

The development of new crop variety(ies) using cross breeding techniques is usually a time-consuming process. Recently, the new mutagenesis using heavy ion-beam irradiation methods have been developed and used to obtain novel mutants. However, the reliable method remains unestablished in most perennial horticultural crops like Japanese gentians and apple trees mainly due to the lack of information on beam irradiation. Here, we investigated the biological effects of several heavy ion-beam species at NIRS-HIMAC on the Japanese gentians and apple trees. In vitro grown gentian breeding line, ‘Bzc-1’ and cultivar ‘Aokorin’ were irradiated with Ne and Ar ion-beams at doses ranging from 2 to 10 Gy. After transplanting single node segments, the lengths of the elongating axillary shoots were measured. Compared to non-irradiated control, the growth was hindered at the 4 Gy and was strongly repressed at more than 8 Gy of irradiation. Budwoods of apple cultivar ‘Ohyume’ exposed to Fe, Ar and Ne ion-beams were grafted to the stocks. The length of each newly extended branch was measured. The growth was strongly repressed by the 8 and 15 Gy of Fe and Ar ion-beam irradiation, respectively.

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