Conference Paper Preliminary PET Study of Carbon-11 Labeled RGD Peptide by Using Carbon-11 Formaldehyde

Hanyu, Masayuki

pp.663 - 668 , 2016-03 , THE JAPANESE PEPTIDE SOCIETY
We have successfully achieved the preparation of cyclo[Arg-Xaa-Asp-D-Tyr-Lys([1-11C]Tpi)](Xaa=Gly or Ala) using carbon-11 formaldehyde. This labeling technique could be used to increase the overall utility of 11C-labeled oligopeptides as PET probes because this method allows for the incorporation of carbon-11 into a cyclic bond. Furthermore, our study provide that cyclo[Arg-Gly-Asp-D-Tyr-Lys([1-11C]Tpi)] enabled accumulation in pancreatic cancer cell line BxPC3.

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