Journal Article Projectile Fragment Emission in the Fragmentation of Silicon on Carbon and Polyethylene Targets at 800 A MeV

Feng, Zhen  ,  Hui-Hui, Ao  ,  Ya-Qin, Sun  ,  Man-Man, Tian  ,  Dong-, Hai Zhang  ,  Jun-Sheng, Li  ,  Kodaira, Satoshi  ,  Yasuda, Nakahiro

80pp.36 - 40 , 2015-12 , ELSEVIER
The emission angle and the transverse momentum distributions of projectile fragments (PFs) produced in fragmentation of silicon on carbon and polyethylene targets at 800 A MeV are measured. It is found that the angular and transverse distribution of PFs do not evidently depend on the mass of target nucleus, the averaged emission angle and transverse momentum decrease with increase of the charge of PF for the same target, and no obvious dependence on the target mass is found for the same PF. The cumulated squared transverse momentum distribution of PF can be well explained by a single Rayleigh distribution. The temperature parameter of PF emission source is determined, which is about 2-4 MeV and independent of the target and PF size.

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