Journal Article Chemogenetic disconnection of monkey orbitofrontal and rhinal cortex reversibly disrupts reward value.

A G Eldridge, Mark  ,  Lerchner, Walter  ,  C Saunders, Richard  ,  Kaneko, Hiroyuki  ,  W Krausz, Kristopher  ,  J Gonzalez, Frank  ,  Ji, Bin  ,  Higuchi, Makoto  ,  Minamimoto, Takafumi  ,  J Richmond, Barry

19 ( 1 )  , pp.37 - 39 , 2015-12 , Nature Publishing Group
To study how the interaction between orbitofrontal (OFC) and rhinal (Rh) cortices influences the judgment of reward size, we reversibly disconnected these regions using hM4Di-DREADD (designer receptor exclusively activated by designer drug). Repeated inactivation reduced sensitivity to differences in reward size in two monkeys. These results suggest that retrieval of relative stimulus values from memory depends on the interaction between Rh and OFC

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