Journal Article Non-invasive Measurement of Melanin-Derived Radicals in Living Mouse Tail Using X-band EPR

Ogawa, Yukihiro  ,  Ueno, Megumi  ,  Emiko, Sekine-Suzuki  ,  Nakanishi, Ikuo  ,  Ken-ichiro, Matsumoto  ,  Fujisaki, Shingo

59 ( 3 )  , pp.160 - 164 , 2016-11 , 日本酸化ストレス学会
The aim of this experiment is to measure in vivo generation of melanin-derived radicals non-invasively, as a quantifiable index of radio-biological effect. Melanin-derived radicals in a living intact mouse tail tip were non-invasively measured in very simple way using an X-band electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer. Colored mouse strains, C57BL/6NCr, BDF1, and C3H/He, has clear EPR signal corresponding to melanin-derived radicals in the tail tip; however, albino mouse strains, BALB/cCr, ddY, ICR, has no EPR signals. An X-ray fraction of 2 Gy/day (1 Gy/min) was repeatedly irradiated to a C3H/He mouse tail skin every Monday to Friday for 4 weeks. In comparison to before starting irradiation, the C3H/He mouse tail skin became darker, like a suntan. The melanin-derived radicals in C3H/He mouse tail skin was increased in association with X-ray fractions. Melanin-derived radicals in mouse tail skin can be readily and chronologically measurable by using X-band EPR spectrometer, and can be a marker for a radiobiological effect in the skin.

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