Article Additional Calibration of the Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD) Using 1H and 2H Beams at the NIRS Cyclotron

C.Zeitlin  ,  Weigle, G.  ,  Y.Tyler  ,  D.Hassler  ,  B.Ehresmann  ,  H.Kitamura

In June 2014, we performed an experiment at the NIRS Cyclotron to help us better understand the calibration of the flight spaceunit of the Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD). The flight unit is aboard the Curiosity rover on Mars. The flight apare has previously been extensively calibrated in the P2 course at HIMAC with high-energy heavy ion beams, but one of the interesting observations-first during the flight to Mars and later on the surface-has been the relatively large fluxes of deuterons and tritons. It is important to be sure we are measuring these particles with the correct energy scale, which is non-trivial due to the fact that the energies are mostly measured in the RAD "D" detector, a CsI(Tl) scintillator in which quenching of the light output may be an importantfactor.

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