Conference Paper 実験動物研究棟で発生したマウス肝炎ウイルス汚染への取り組み

石田, 有香  ,  鬼頭, 靖司  ,  上野, 渉  ,  小久保, 年章

Animal Research Building which is one of the laboratory animal facilities in National Institute of Radiological Sciences is equipped with semi-barrier system. The frequency of microbiological monitoring tests in this facility is quarterly. We recognized a Mouse hepatitis virus (MHV) infection in 6 of 12 mouse breeding rooms in October, 2013. We carried out cleaning of this facility and preventing the spread of infection as follows. I. The cleanings of the facility were carries out in the every each breeding areas. II. We put breeding mice into the two infected mice breeding rooms or the three non-infected mice breeding rooms. Then researchers ended their experiments by March, 2014. In consequence, the facility was able to resume animal experiments sequentially from April, 2014, on schedule.

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