Presentation Effective Eradication of Cancer Stem-Like Cells by Carbon Ion Beams Combined With DNA-Damaging Drugs

崔, 星

Although a relatively small proportion of all breast cancer (BC), triple negative (TN) BC is responsible for a relatively large proportion of BC deaths because of its worse clinical outcome. In this study, we try to investigate whether a carbon ion beam alone or in combination with cisplatin has a beneficial effect compared to X-rays, we target triple negative (TN) breast cancer stem-like cells (CSCs). We found that the colony, spheroid formation, and tumorigenicity assays confirmed that CD44+/CD24- and CD44+/ESA+ cells have exactly the same CSC properties as CD44-/ CD24- and CD44-/ESA- cells. Carbon ion beam combined with cisplatin significantly suppressed colony and spheroid formation compared to X-rays combined with cisplatin or carbon ion beam alone. RT-PCR Array analysis showed that carbon ion beam combined with cisplatin significantly induced apoptosis-related Cytochrome c, almost completely eliminated expression of the CSC markers CD44 and ESA, and significantly inhibited angiogenesis, and metastasis-related HIF1α and CD26 compared to carbon ion beam alone, X-ray alone, or X-ray combined with cisplatin. The immunofluorescence assay showed that not only the number but also the size of γH2AX foci in CSCs were larger 24 h after carbon ion beam combined with cisplatin compared to those of X-ray combined with cisplatin and carbon ion beam alone. In conclusion, carbon ion beam combined with cisplatin has superior potential to kill TN breast CSCs with irreparable severe DNA damage and enhanced apoptosis.
SPHIC-NIRS Joint Symposium

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