Journal Article Structural MRI Differences between Patients with and without First Rank Symptoms: A Delusion?

D Heering, Henriette  ,  J C Koevoets, Godefridus  ,  Koenders, Laura  ,  W J Machielsen, Marise  ,  J Meijer, Carin  ,  Kubota, Manabu  ,  de Nijs, Jessica  ,  Cahn, Wiepke  ,  E Hulshoff Pol, Hilleke  ,  de Haan, Lieuwe  ,  S Kahn, Rene  ,  E M van Haren, Neeltje

6 ( 107 )  , pp.1 - 8 , 2015-07
It has been suggested that specific psychotic symptom clusters may be explained by patterns of biological abnormalities. The presence of first rank symptoms (FRS) has been associated with cognitive abnormalities, e.g., deficits in self-monitoring or in the experience of agency, suggesting that a specific network of neural abnormalities might underlie FRS. Here, we investigate differences in cortical and subcortical brain volume between patients with and without FRS.

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