Presentation International Collaboration on Medical Physics in NIRS

Fukuda, Shigekazu

NIRS has conducted various HRD (human resource developments) utilizing the heavy ion radiotherapy facility of HIMAC. It is characterized by being a clinical center with a hospital, by the fact that many different kinds of ions with wide range of energies are available, and by reason that users can collaborate with researchers in different kinds of fields in NIRS.The particle therapy personnel development including medical physicists is the most important mission among the broad spectrum of HRD performed in NIRS. For domestic particle therapy facilities, we performed the program, “Development of Human Resources for Particle Therapy”, commissioned by MEXT from 2007 to 2012. On the base of experience of this program, we have provided training and educational courses for foreigners since 2012. Many countries are working positively to introduce particle therapy facilities. Because the situation of each country and each facility ranges widely from planning phase to operation one, we have offered the following 4 courses.(a) Short-term (one week) training course of classroom-lecture education program for beginners, (b) mid-term (two weeks) training course including OJT and facility tours corresponding to the process of particle therapy, (c) long-term (over one year) training course including advanced research activities, (d) irregularly symposiums for experts to update their knowledge. The number of participants in these training courses was 108 from 2012 to 2014. We are improving the course materials and curriculum to accept more trainees.We have also contributed to standardization of particle therapy; especially dispatched medical physicists to the technical committee for radiotherapy of IEC. As one of achievements, IEC 60601-2-64 (Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of light ion beam medical electrical equipment) was published in 2014. Furthermore, we have collaborated with medical physicists in Asia through FNCA. Other activities with IAEA will be presented.
15th Asia-Oceania congress of medical physics (AOCMP2015)

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